I have decided not to maintain this software, in light of BootstrapVue. I do not recommend building anything based off this code.


VueJS components and directives written using Bootstrap v4, leveraging the official Bootstrap JS.

Note: This should be considered pre-release software. There will be bugs! (Many of them from Bootstrap v4, in fact)

Project Focus

This project is focused on providing useful/convenient VueJS wrappers around existing Bootstrap components. It does not wrap all of them (because that seems unnecessary), and really only wraps the ones I find the need for. I'm open to adding new components, but see the Contributing section for what I'll accept.


For two reasons, mostly. First is, I want to use Bootstrap v4 and VueJS v1.0. While VueStrap is a very nice looking project, it was updated for VueJS -v1.0 after I started VueBoot. Work on Bootstrap v4 is underway but not complete yet, and I want to work on the bleeding edge. I'm crazy, I want to start working on the bleeding edge.

The second reason is a bit more personal, and born out of experience with UIBootstrap. The Bootstrap developers put a lot of work into their javascript code, and implementations that replace it with 'native' framework code, while neat, tend to have many more bugs, especially with regards to positioning. Bootstrap's code get more attention by having a larger user base, and therefore I trust it more. And any issue I do have, should be resolved faster, all things being equal. So, personally, I'd rather wrap Bootstrap's javascript, as opposed to replacing it.


VueBoot is available on both npm and bower. For complete usage instructions, please see the Usage page on the main site.


Contributions are welcome! I accept pull requests, feature requests (through the issues), and all that. Primarily, I'm interested in bug fixes or additional features to current components. If you want to add a component, you'll have to follow my guideline below.

Adding components

Guideline: Is this component new, does it add functionality, or does it significantly improve the syntax for using an existing Bootstrap component?

While I'm ok with adding components, the focus of the goal is using Bootstrap JS. If using the Bootstrap component is straightforward, I see no reason to wrap it up in VueJS 'just because'. There needs to be some value added. I'm open to being convinced so don't feel discouraged. If there's any doubt, make an issue requesting it as a feature first, before putting the work into a pull request.