react-native-ui-kitten is a framework that contains a set of commonly used UI components styled in a similar way. The main idea of this framework is to move style definitions into a specific place making components reusable and styled in a single way. You just focus on business logic and it takes care of visual appearance.

We have also brought a concept similar to CSS classes that will save you time when styling elements. And the most awesome thing: you can change themes on the fly by just passing a different set of variables.

100% native. Give our kitten a try!


Documentation for this framework is here.

Demo applications

If you want to see how it works you can try an expo explorer application or run it locally from example folder.

There is also a cool application built using our framework. It's open-source and free!

Don't forget to check them out!

How can I support the developers?

Can I hire you guys?

Yes! We are available for hire. Visit our homepage or simply leave us a message at [email protected] We will be happy to work with you!


MIT license.

From akveo

Enjoy! We're always happy to receive your feedback.