rbx – The Comprehensive Bulma UI Framework for React

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A quick look

👟 Read the docs.

🙃 I'll wait, go check them out!


  • up-to-date Bulma implementation (0.7.5)
  • written with TypeScript 3 for React 16
  • well tested and documented
  • extensive customization support
  • quite unopinionated, if you ask me
  • very simple to get started

To install

npm install rbx or yarn add rbx

To use

import "rbx/index.css";
import React from "react";
import { Columns } from "rbx";

export const MyPage = () => (
    <Columns.Column>First Column</Columns.Column>
    <Columns.Column>Second Column</Columns.Column>
    <Columns.Column>Third Column</Columns.Column>
    <Columns.Column>Fourth Column</Columns.Column>

Documentation for all the components, information on customization, a defense of design, and more is available at the canonical rbx documentation


rbx is available under the MIT License.

The sneaker logo is a modified version of the Twitter Twemoji running shoe under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Prior Art

This package was forked from react-bulma-components, and re-written in its entirety to support the latest version of Bulma, use TypeScript, and fix many outstanding bugs.