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Enterprise UI components for Vue.js. Based on ONE DESIGN from Baidu, Inc.

🚧 This is a work in progress. 🚧


  • 🤘 Powerful and flexible components & directives
  • 💅 Switchable/customizable themes
  • 🌲 Fully tree-shakable components
  • 🌐 I18N support w/ compile-time optimization
  • ⌨️ A11Y support w/ ARIA annotation & complete keyboard navigation
  • ☁️ SSR support w/ component level Critical CSS

Four packages are included in this repo:

Please visit each package for further introductions.


To develop veui locally you need to clone this repo and run the following in veui's root directory:

$ npm run bootstrap
$ npm run dev

And then you should be able to see the demo via http://localhost:8080/.