This project contains reusable JavaScript React components that you can import into your project.

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Include GumGum Design System's CSS in your project:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

See the Design System documentation for themes, CSS utilities and more.


See the documentation for this library and its components.


To add a specific version, you can use yarn add [email protected] (replace 1.0.0 with whatever version you want, or omit it to get the latest version)

The current and previous versions can be found in


The library exports its components as ES Modules, so you can import only what you need, for example:

import Button from 'gumdrops/Button';
import Badge from 'gumdrops/Badge';
import Toggle from 'gumdrops/Toggle';

Follow the docs to use your component with the correct props.

For retrocompatibility, a CommonJS bundle is provided. It contains the whole library and can be used with:

const gumdrops = require('gumdrops');
// Or
import gumdrops from 'gumdrops';

For convenience and usage directly in the browser, there is also a UMD provided in:


Testing troubleshooting

Unfortunately, ESM is not yet widely available for some current tools, and running tests using components from this library could throw errors because of the ES module syntax. To prevent this, try the following:

The file contents can be as simple as:

// testSetup.js
    ignore: /node_modules\/(?!gumdrops)/

// Import it into mocha or mocha-webpack:
--require ./testSetup.js

Prerequisites for running project locally

Running storybook locally

yarn # install dependencies
yarn run storybook

Then open http://localhost:6006 on your browser. For more information visit React Storybook repo.


Please see for information about contributing to this project.


A special thank you to the following contributors!

David Mejorado Daniel McKenna Eder Sanchez Federico Caramelli Jose Santos J Scott Smith Michele Larson Mike Watt Myles O'Connor



Important Note: This project does not redistribute third party libraries but identifies their availability. The libraries called by this project are subject to their creator licenses. Remember to consult and comply with all licenses in your uses.