Ember Components

Ember Components is a comprehensive set of rich web components written purely in Ember.js that let you create an astonishing UI for ambitious web applications.

Please note that the components are designed from the beginning to support most of the variants and are used in production environment in multiple applications,

All our addons are used in our own products and most of them are written purely as Ember components and Do not wrap external JS libraries to achieve their target.

Important News!

We are splitting components into separated ember addons to avoid blowing up your app size with uneccessary bits:

This project will be kept as an umbrealla for referencing all addons we build, you should migrate your project to use the separated addons per your needs.

Relation to Bootstrap for Ember

This project aims to be the successor of our Bootstrap for Ember project as all components on this suite are not bound to any specific CSS framework.

Installation & Docs

With ember-cli: npm install --save ember-cli-components

For more info please read the Getting Started Page


See License file