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RMWC - React Material Web Components

RMWC is a React UI Kit built on Google's official Material Components Web library v3.x.x


  • Uses Google's official material-components-web library
  • Includes Addon components for ones missing from the official spec
  • Works in React 16.3.x and up
  • First class Typescript Support
  • Server side rendering support
  • Individually packaged and released components

Try it in the Code Sandbox

Recent updates

v5.6.0 is a maintenance release, no breaking changes :)

V5.5.0 is live with some great new features!

  • Added the concept of "danger" buttons for those destructive actions
  • SnackbarQueue is a new way to easily create notifications from anywhere in your app
  • DialogQueue emulates the browsers built in alert, confirm, and prompt apis and gives you an easy way to create dialogs from anywhere in your app
  • Full docs search has been added so make navigating a bit easier
  • The docs have a new domain,
  • Upgraded to material-components-web 2.x.x which includes a host of fixes and cleanup

V5 is officially out! RMWC has been completely rewritten in Typescript while also knocking out about a years worth of tech debt and improving things across the board. You can expect better typing, better performance, better integration with material-components-web, and just better everything. All of this was done with as few breaking changes as possible, so upgrading should be relatively painless.

Your quick migration guide:

  • React 16.3 is the new min version to take advantage of React Fragments, Ref Forwarding, and the new Context Api. If you need React 15 support, you'll have to stay on 4.x.x and below.
  • The library has been rewritten in Typescript instead of Flow. At this time, Flow types are no longer supported. Please comment on issue #407 If you're interested in bringing these back
  • Changelog couldn't be generated for this release, see the release notes for the full details 🚀

View all release notes 👉

View the changelog for detailed updates:


  • To create the thinnest, lightest, and spec compliant wrapper around Google Material Design Components for the Web
  • To utilize the Foundation javascript classes from material-components-web
  • To be as unobtrusive and sensible as possible.
  • To fill the gaps in material-components-web with custom React community driven components.


  • npm i rmwc --save or yarn add rmwc

Additional information is available in the Installation Guide


Read the docs on how to Usage


Read the docs on Methodology

About Breaking Changes

RMWC avoids them at all costs! Read the docs on Methodology

To run the tests

  • On MacOS Sierra and higher, install watchman to fix a filesystem issue with Jest. brew install watchman
  • npm test

To run the docs / contribute

  • git clone
  • cd rmwc
  • npm install
  • npm start


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].


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